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At Limbo Solutions, we facilitate the largest community in Asia, which oversees P2P (Peer-To-Peer ) transactions. Also, we proactively strive towards creating a healthy supply and demand for Bitcoin in Malaysia. We provide a secure environment where digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, U.S.D.T., Ripple, to name a few) are exchanged to and fro, between individuals or business entities. Limbo Solutions Sdn Bhd is an organization of a private concern 

We’re forward-looking, and take a pragmatic approach when dealing with profitable venture capital investments spanning across our exclusive clientele worldwide. Creation of our platform and the offerance of our business solutions are in response to the ever-growing global demand for products, services, and business ventures utilizing cryptocurrency as method of payment.

L.I.M.B.O service solutions for businesses
Imparting Financial Knowledge
Nurturing a P2P community
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business owners

Have a business idea but lack the funding, or the expertise to take it to the next level? Check out our licensing plans.

life-long learners

Enhance your skill set and become an in-demand professional within the modern business landscape.


Invest passively with us and partake in financing our licensed businesses. We have an excellent track record of investor returns.

We match buyers & sellers who may want to exchange finances in form of cryptocurrency.
Become a global citizen. No limitations of having to exchange currency denominations.
The future of finance. Transactions are transparent in nature reducing the risk of fraud, and carried out with a degree of anonymity.
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peer-to-peer community.

We facilitate the largest community in Asia, which oversees P2P (Peer To Peer ) transactions. This is the future of finance, as we enable our customers to exchange Bitcoin in a secured environment. P2P matches buyers and sellers without holding any funds during the trade.

P2P transactions are instantaneous & transparent. The information of the person or entity you’re interacting with is made known. It ranges from a bitcoin wallet address, to their forum username, location, IP address, and even  a face-to-face meeting can be opted for. 


Licensing & Legal Support


Investing & Smart Contracts


Marketing Via Digital Channels. Reach existing & growing Bitcoin users that enable the integration of your business.


Digital Branding. Branding is an asset, it positions your business within a targeted niche to make money online.


Online Consultations. A dedicated portfolio manager is assigned and essentially becomes a member of your marketing team, who understands your business thoroughly. Your objectives, customers, challenges and competition.



It’s in the name! We provide our extensive range of services to customers large and small all over Asia, seamlessly enabling them to run more efficiently by implementation of our End-To-End solutions. 

The amount of technical skills and prior experience needed to operate a Bitcoin integrated business is greatly reduced. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that their business is built from the ground up. We have built an enviable reputation as the ‘go to’ company for those seeking to learn, or capitalize on cryptocurrency.  

industry specific solutions.

Why choose us? Simple. In challenging times choosing the right professional advisor to work with you and your business is crucial.  Whilst providing a full range of services that you would expect from financial consulting agencies, what sets us apart is our focus on your individual needs. Our extensive experience licensing businesses in the following sectors : Education, Automobile, Travel and tourism, Real Estate, F&B, Legal firms, Company secretarial, Accounting and taxing. We will handle every detail pertaining to those listed above. 

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