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Everyone’s path to a new way of living is different. Modern businesses are ones that merit its employees based on their problem solving & idea generation abilities; ultimately resulting in larger profits generated by the company itself. However, many Malaysians remain caught in the rat-race working tirelessly only to be awarded a monthly pay check, based solely on the amount of time they spend at work. The team of people behind Limbo Solutions wanted out. Recognizing the merits in digital currencies & especially its use to members of the general public; Limbo Solutions was incorporated on the collective knowledge and skills of its owners (all of which have strong financial backgrounds).
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More businesses are integrated with Bitcoin as its proven to be the most secure and cost-effective alternative opposed to mainstream payment methods. Bitcoin provides a level of identity theft protection that credit cards and banking services are simply not able to offer. It also brings about an emerging market of new customers who are searching for ways to spend their Bitcoins. Integrating with us at Limbo allows you to gain new customers internationally, and give your business some new visibility. Accepting a new payment method has often shown to yield positive results for online businesses. 

Our team here at Limbo are dedicated in imparting financial wisdom to our customers where cryptocurrencies are concerned!
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At Limbo Solutions, we dedicate our efforts into aiding the launch of companies in Malaysia who choose to integrate with Bitcoin. We firmly believe decentralized currency is the passport to the future as traditional financial systems are beginning to exhibit signs of weaknesses; namely the inability to transfer funds immediately, and ever increasing processing fees. We are driven in acquainting businesses owners like yourself with the technical knowledge needed to integrate with cryptocurrencies. Licensing under Limbo Solutions is your best option as aspects ranging from licensing to branding completely taken care of with our End-To-End business solutions. 

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